About Furusu

We are dedicated to producing furniture that represents the attractive aspect of natural wood. Our goal is to continue Japanese traditional technics and designs since a long time ago giving certain modifications to match the modern age, and to pass them to the next generation.

About Wood

1.The materials used for these products are naturally grown. Please understand quite the same woodgraining is NOT available. A color may be also slightly different. The picture here is just for your reference.

2.Wood is living and always adjusts water intake according to its circumstances. A slight chance of warpage, shrinking or cracking may be expected.

3.The color gradually changes as it passes. The color will turn into the one rich in taste little by little. Please be aware of the above characteristcs wood generally has.

Products list

Kaguzai Sofa

Beautiful plain wood of the sofa create a friendly space and graceful. Firm to create simple yet is This is the sofa of a new style that takes advantage of Kumiko technology of joinery shop unique.

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Kakuzai Low table

Through the transparent glass the light from the ceiling will highlight the beauty of the cypress.It is a glass low table stocked doubles as both the warmth and beauty of wood .

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Tuka Chair

Japanese sword with is , is a novel design that incorporates in a chair supple curvaceous.

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Kumiko-stand light

Kumiko cannabis leaf angle is, because it incorporated into tetrahedral, the interior of the room at the time of the OFF state. Outline of Kumiko is illuminated if Re turn on the light, making it a very beautiful light source.

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Mokume stool

There are various types of wood, I have a different expression, respectively. Stool can feel the personality of the wood. There is no design as two lines of that nature make, the same thing is grain, which is a feature of the tree.

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It was named WW chair from the fact that it appears in the W of the alphabet back is turned to zigzag. To fit the curve of the buttocks, the bearing surface has a cut out carefully by hand processing.

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Ranma board

In the midst of the Japanese-style room that does not emit personality, say the transom frame decorated decorate the room. Kumiko technology made one by one with his hand in the cypress of 3mm thickness, is a traditional craft to be able to be proud of to the world.

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Side board

And it is to make that can be used as a living or board AV rack. Type Two types of end plate type and plate glass antique.

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You can open and close easily pulled out with no delivery so slide rails push type. The photograph is made to put on the table of architrave, but can be changed to four legs is also possible.

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Ribbon table

By wood ribbon pledge and (shredded), by embedding them in material pledge, it is method that is used to or suppress the crack of wood, to succeed to the wood together. Joint by how well thought out the nature of the tree, we are used from ancient Japan.

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Simple desk

I aimed at a solid wood desk simple, such as office furniture. Speaking of the desk of solid wood, it is easy to images with ones heavy, but this simple desk is the finish very smart.

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Work desk

In making drawer slightly bigger with simple desk, desk is convenient to work or study hobby.

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Kumiko Kumiko coaster and (Kumiko), is a technology used to, such as shoji screens in the Japanese-style room is one of the traditional technology. How is this used color when combined with a set of 5 each.

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How to order

All the products are made-to-order. A delivery time is about 1-3 weeks after receiving an order. Overseas shipment is also acceptable.

Company info

Company name: Co., Moriya joinery shop
Address: Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture Futsukaichi 63
TEL :086-422-1832
FAX :086-422-1870
E-mail address: info@furusu.jp
responsible party: Motochika Moriya


Please ask if you have any questions about furniture.

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